Check out my newest project! Dungeon: the 2D dungeon crawler platformer.

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I'm currently working on RPG/rogue style platformer game called "Dungeon" The alpha version of the game can be found in the 'Flash' section of the site.

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A fun little promotional video I made for Ubooly that explains what our product is.

Check out the great video ThinkGeek made as well!
Ubooly featured Weebl in a promotional video animated by myself! Check it out!
Also featured on Newgrounds!
Ubooly is in the App store!
Since the beginning of June, I've been working for Ubooly, a new company founded by the team formerly known as Warb. We've  been hard at work and just released to the app store this week! Check it out, its FREE :)
I recently worked on this promo video for Eaton focused on team building. Using Flash, After Effects, and Final Cut, we put together this product that showcases my hand drawing graphics on a whiteboard that come to life with animation.
I'm lucky to be a part of Warb's latest undertaking ( Ubooly! It's an iPhone integrated toy that serves as a protective case for your phone as well as a great way to educate and entertain children.

Check it out here! @

It's also getting some greadt media coverage! Check the articles out here.

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Check out this project I worked on at Myjive!

In need of a crowd-pulling exhibit for the IAAPA Expo, which attracts tens of thousands of amusement park and attractions professionals from around the world, Electrosonic came to Myjive for help. Utilizing the Xbox Kinect, we designed and developed an interactive race customizing experience for Electrosonic’s booth. Giving participants the creative freedom to customize their own race car, gesture-control allows users to browse through and select among a variety of artfully designed 3D-modeled cars, wheels, engines, spoilers and more. Once their vision is complete, participants can email their tricked out car as a takeaway.

Self portrait painting I drew and recorded with a new screen capture program I just got. Enjoy.
A head I modeled and textured in Maya while trying subsurface scattering. Done in one pass using mental ray. Here are the meshes and texture maps as well for your viewing pleasure! (Diffuse, Spec1, Spec2, and Subdermal Scatter)
The spec is a bit shiny when the rim light hits it, but that's a correction for another day.